What is Passel?

Passel is a service where shoppers deliver on their way home to shoppers, providing inexpensive, convenient and delightful on-demand deliveries for retailers.


How much does Passel Now cost?

Passel Now delivery costs $15 (inc GST) for guaranteed 3-hour delivery.


Do I have to be a Passer to shop Passel Now?

No, Passel Now is available to everyone. If you do sign up to be a Passer, you will get $5 off every time you shop at Passel Now. You can sign up for free here

Remember, Passers are regular people who deliver on their way home from the shops. Passers don't work shifts, and get rewarded $10 for each delivery they make. 

Passers also get an additional $5 discount at Passel Now for each delivery they complete. And all these offers stack up!


When can I shop Passel Now?

Passel Now is open whenever the stores are. Typically, all day every day, plus evening shopping on Thursdays and Fridays.

Where can I shop Passel Now?

Passel Now is currently only available in and around Frankston. We deliver exclusively to postcodes 3197, 3198, 3199, 3200, 3201, 3910, 3911, and 3930.

If you want Passel Now in your area, tell us!


What does "guaranteed delivery" really mean?

If we don't deliver within 3 hours, your shopping is free. Because we can't control how quickly the store gets your purchases ready, the clock starts ticking as soon as we know we can pick up.

If there is a problem with delivery, we'll replace or exchange as quickly as possible. No small print.


Why isn't my favourite store here?

We're starting off with a small number of stores to make sure we can deliver what we promise. If your favourite store isn't on Passel Now yet, tell them about us.

How do I get my brand on Passel Now?

Talk to us here.

How do you guarantee the store has stock?

We don't have access to store inventory levels. If your closest store doesn't have the item you want, we'll find it somewhere else and get it delivered to you ASAP.


I can't see the item I need to buy, can you help me?

Yes. Visit https://passel.com.au/baysidenow/, tell us what you want, and we'll add it to the store instantly to allow you to buy it.

This FAQ is too short! I have a question.

Cool. The full Passel FAQ is here.

You can get in touch with the Passel Now team here.


Humm - Buy It Today. Take Time To Pay. Interest-Free.

Humm offers an interest-free payment option for your online purchases. Buy what you want now and choose to pay off in 10 weekly or 5 fortnightly instalments. 

To Make A Purchase Online Using Humm You Must

  • Live in Australia
  • Own an Australian credit or debit card
  • Be 18 years of age or over
  • Have a valid email address and mobile number
  • Have an Australian drivers licence, passport or Medicare card

How Do I Use Humm?

  • Add items to your checkout
  • Select Humm as your payment method – you will be redirected to the Humm website
  • Register or login to your Humm account and confirm payment

Important Information

  • There is a maximum order limit of $1,000
  • The first instalment is required at the time of the purchase. The remaining instalments will be deducted each week/fortnight as per your chosen payment schedule.
  • Instalments are automatically deducted from your nominated credit/debit card when payment is due. Please ensure that you have funds available on your nominated card when payment is due. You can also choose to make a payment before the due date by logging into your Humm account.
  • If you fail to pay an instalment by the due date you will be charged a $6 late payment fee by Humm. Contact Humm on 1800 088 151 if there are extenuating circumstances, which will not allow you to make payments on or before the scheduled date. Please refer to Humm’s full terms & conditions here.

Contact Humm

For all enquiries including payments and declined, contact Humm. To find information on commonly asked questions go to Humm's FAQ page.